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New Toys

I always get excited about tools that make designing easier. These pens came from Muji. I love their precise formula of form and function. And who doesn’t love packaging that includes Japanese characters? peace and pixels, amanda

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Project Profile — Eaton Invitation

Eaton needed a clever delivery system for presenting executive invitees with a USB Smart Button that would assist them in registering for an upcoming technical symposium. When the plan called for simple and sophisticated packaging, I knew I had the perfect candidate for the Curious Collection of papers. Natalie had enticed me with her thorough [...]

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Special Recruit

Zoltun needed a bit of extra help to complete a recent promotional project for a special event. We did some research and were able to bring in a very dedicated project manager to oversee the job. Meet Chloé Miranda Perko, special project coordinator! Want to get your hands on one of Chloé’s creations? E-mail her [...]

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A Curious Collection

Staying informed about current design trends is one of the responsibilities of a good designer. Unfortunately, for me, that usually means silently scouring the internet alone in my office. Imagine my excitement when our recent paper sample presentation turned out to be more party than private perusal! Natalie was familiar with my love for The [...]

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The Standard Arrives

You may remember my first encounter with Sappi’s The Standard 5. I was instantly smitten by the careful exploration of special effects, custom finishes, and innovative techniques. I longed for the day when I could cradle those spiral-bound pages, thick with coatings and texture. The day has finally arrived! Thanks to Art Groll, I can [...]

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Pugsley on Vacation

There are a lot of devoted pet parents here at Zoltun, and we go to great lengths to ensure that our furry companions are lovingly cared for. Some animals are more well-maintained than others, though, and Pugsley Wolowiec definitely falls into the category of “pampered pooch.” Check him out on his beach vacation! peace and [...]

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Summer is Intern Season

Ah, the summer internship. It’s where young designers get a chance to ply their craft, meet quick-turn deadlines, work within branding guidelines, and specify Pantone colors. They also get to tackle the unsavory office jobs that no one else wants to do, like organizing old paperwork, hand-feeding the copier paper, and picking up the day’s [...]

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South Side Market House Grand Reopening

At Zoltun, we feel a close connection to our historic neighbor, the South Side Market House. Maybe it’s because our two buildings used to actually be connected by way of an underground tunnel. The Zoltun building once served as the egg and cheese warehouse for the Market House, and goods were shuttled back and forth [...]

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Spell Check Fail

When I first spotted this van ahead of me at a traffic light, I thought my groggy morning brain hadn’t yet caught up with my eyes. But this was no case of the Mondays! Seeing those flagrant spelling errors made me so thankful that every project that leaves the Zoltun studio is thoroughly checked by [...]

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Pittsburgh CLO Guild Ball 2012

A few months ago, Kristen Lane, CLO Guild Annual Ball Chair, exploded into the Zoltun studio, filled with fervor for the CLO’s invitation project. She splayed her carefully curated collection of sumptuous vintage travel references over our conference table. Theresa, Rhonda and I oohed and aahed as Kristen pointed to palm trees, bathing beauties and [...]

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